CBD Ultimate Pain Relief Gel 3500mg Cannabanoid Profile Terpene Enhanced 37mg Caroyllene


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NEW Terpene Enhanced Ultimate Pain Relief GEL

3500 Ultra is a 3 part compounded pharmaceutical formula using nano technology to ensure our organic formula.

Ultra Gel is an advanced compounded formula with 52 botanical ingredients and 7 pain relieving supplements plus 4 fast acting amino acids to deliver targeted deep relief of muscle, joint, and back pain. 

Organic, bioavailable, antioxidant, mineral found in the major structural tissue of the body.  It enables this formula to be carried deep into the tissue for pain relief and inflammation.

Caryophyllene is a popular terpene because of its apparent ability to active CB2 receptors throughout the body. Some compare this terpene to CBD because it can eliminate pain, reduce stress, and lower inflammation. Scientific studies have reinforced the idea that caryophyllene is a CB2 agonist with proven anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Interestingly, studies have also shown that caryophyllene provides full body pain relief. In another study, researchers found that mice who received caryophyllene experienced lower levels of stress. Plus, caryophyllene may also act as a neuroprotectant, strengthening brain cells and reducing degeneration. Caryophyllene may also have antifungal properties, as it’s been shown to inhibit the spread of skin diseases like ring worm by eliminating dermatophytes.

Non Greasy Formula. Apply As Needed

35mg Caryophyllene per bottle

2 oz btl

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