Sept. 30, 2019

“If anyone is looking for natural, herbal pain relief I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend The Studios at Florida of Holistic Health.

I have been a huge advocate of CBD for the last year now but The Studios take it to a whole new level!!!

I started using the arnica cream a week ago and the only word I can use for it is MIRACLE CREAM!!! I have severe nerve damage from my neck to my elbow from 2 falls and It takes the pain and burning away! I also have plantar fasciatis and I can walk with no pain! I also use the cbd pain and inflammation tincture and my sciatic nerve pain is gone and can walk without pain!!!CannaTherapeutics Arnica Severe Pain Balm”

Malena Simpson Ross Simpson


“Hey my name is Johanna Gates I purchased a jar of your Lotus Severe Pain Relief Cream and didn't use it for awhile because I was combining it with another cream that hadn't worked. I used this cream again about two weeks ago and have been able to walk better and bear socks on my feet. The main issues I have with my feet are burning and tingling all around my feet. Top and bottom. I was upset to find out my husband went back to that store and couldn't find it in there so I looked at the jar to see if there was number or website and both were on there and called them and asked how can I order more. I'm so glad I was able to find you all again and will be a lifetime purchaser with you guys. Thank you again for making my feet happy 😊

A friend of mine asked me about the creams I use, I will definitely be telling her about Lotus!”